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Park of the Dead and LivingThe Ocean is an Endless and Magnificent BastardThis is Where the Sky Stops and the Ocean StartsKorean Friendship BellOld and Forgotten ThingsL'art Pour L'artBig City GradientThese Ceaseless NightsBuildings Like BeaconsMetroA Study of Light and ShadowLove and Haight in San FranciscoGraffiti as ReligionRepresentando para Los ÁngelesSexOn The Metro For Far Too LongLearning to Love Your Own SkinBlue Sky ObjectsThe ConclusionTextureObserve :: Version 1Patiently Waiting For The Fog To Roll InObserve :: Version 2Bay Blue SkiesSunrise HospitalPieces of a Digital ShootThe Telephone Project: ClarityThe Telephone Project: SpectrumSunrise Duel at SunriseWaitingThe Telephone Project: Polaroid LogoScenes of the Desolate and Abandoned
Now and then, in order to see in entirety, you have to look at the individual pieces.