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The Evening Ended in Oil-Base The MarshThis Planet For RentOn Stolen Land is Where He Sat And the Afternoon Exits West Keep Yourself Well Locked He Was Peace Around the World Spinal Chords and Scales Sleeping Deeply Planted Travels of the Scatterbrained Minstrel Running the Mazes Like the Proverbial MiceOut of Sight, Out of Mind They Say Work in FireMortar in Molecular Form Memo Per Concussion The Warming of Houses A Thousand Years No Further Earth’s Make-Up Runs Tonight Remember When Trees Were Free?We All Have Fences othersideofthehilliswheregreenergrassgrows In SpectrumPolar Opposites Fatally AttractEscargot SouplantationCumulus DementisThe CathedralThese Are the Guardians of a Dying CityWhite on WhiteVoltsAbode
Polaroids & Poetry
A long running project that got out of control beyond my mind's wildest ideas, these are a combination of polaroids and poems. The concept stemmed from wanting to give readers/viewers a little insight into my mind: what I was thinking while shooting or what emotions within me it evokes.

There is a truthfulness to both mediums: a raw, organic, and very personal way of chronicling where we were, what we were doing what we saw, what we felt and thought, written or shot in an instant.

Photographs and poetry can be interpreted so many ways. Though I never want to take that aspect away from anyone who might view my work, it has always been important to me to give some direction in the thought process. Not tell you what to think, but rather help one understand what the hell I was thinking.

It has always fascinated me to get a glimpse inside an artist's mind. This was my reaction to that fascination.